From very early on, I had the opportunity to make music. Starting with playing the piano at the age of six, soon other instruments gathered my attention. About three years later I got a trumpet and played in the youth orchestra of our small village. Later I learned how to play the guitar, the bass and drums pretty much on my own.

Since I graduated from secondary school, my activities around music narrowed down to singing. I joined the Landesjugendchor Sachsen, a project choir meeting about six to eight times a year and studying challenging repertoire. The members are just an incredible bunch of people, the mixture between friendship and professionalism is really astounding.

As a side project evolved from school I am also part of Ensemble Quintata. This group was originally formed as a men's choir of five people, meeting once a year for about a week and studying interesting repertoire reaching from the renaissance all the way to modern pieces. Later, we loosened the concept a bit and also invited people who did not graduate from our school.

A while ago, I got into composing and recording as spare time activity. More on that can be seen on ChoralWiki and my YouTube channel.

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