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It wasn't a very tough decision when I planned my future after graduation. Quite soon it became obvious to me that studies in the field of computer science were the right thing to do for me.

So I signed up for that very programme at the TU Dresden in 2007. In order to mitigate the financial burden for my parents, I also accepted jobs to work on in my spare time.

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My Studies

After having completed the mandatory part of the first four semesters, I got to choose in which fields to proceed a bit more specialised courses in the so called main studies. Alongside other areas, I chose systems architecture as my main specialisation, and also as the field to write my theses in.

The theses also gave me the great opportunity to get hired as both an intern and for the diploma thesis at Intel Labs in Braunschweig. On both occasions I worked on the general topic of virtualisation in microkernel environments.

There are also a few contributions to coding projects, which can be found at github.

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My Work

After finishing my studies, I specialised in the fields of operating systems, microkernels and virtualisation (among others). Since, I do research and development in this area for a living.

Side business

I was still in school when I started working for other people creating websites or scripting parts of them. To keep these activities within legal boundaries, it became necessary to build a small startup, which is free of tax complications and very easy to do in Germany.

Main projects I work(ed) on:

Although my spare time is diminishing constantly, it is not completely impossible to get me working for you on a specific project. If you feel like I can help you, just contact me.

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